Frequently Asked Questions

How long does pampas grass last?

Pampas grass can last for years. This durable ornamental grass is low-maintenance and only requires fluffing upon arrival. You may opt to lightly hairspray the plumes to prevent shedding. 

How long will dried flowers last? Do dried florals last? How long do dried bouquets last?

All dried flowers available by The Homey Touch should last for YEARS if properly taken care of. We recommend low-light and moisture rooms. The stems can be trimmed to any length and dried flowers or dried flower bouquets require no water.

What are dried flowers called?

Dried flowers can have many names, they can be called botanicals, dried flowers, and potpourri. The products we have available are all dried flowers that can be purchased as either single stems or bundles for you to style in your own home.

What is dried floral?

Dried floral or dried flowers are 100% natural and biodegradable. They can last for years compared to fresh flowers, making dried florals a more sustainable option for those looking to go-green in their home decor and floral arrangements. 

Bouquets can also commonly be called dried floral arrangements and these pieces are compiled of a variety of different dried flowers and styled to create an accent piece for your home.

What can I do with a dried bouquet of flowers?

A dried bouquet of flowers make amazing home decor pieces and heart-felt gifts. Dried flowers are low-maintenance gifts to give to your mom, your friend or your favourite host with the most. 

What's the difference between faux and real dried flowers?

All our products are real dried flowers. They have been borrowed from nature and left to go dry so you can create something beautiful for your home. Bringing the outside in with real dried flowers has been known to create great Feng Shui. After time, when your dried flowers have lived their life they can be returned to nature and composted back into the earth to create the next generation of dried florals, making them a very sustainable option for home decor. Faux flowers are artifically created.

Is it bad luck to keep dried flowers? Are dried flowers bad luck?

Much as been written about dried flowers in the home in the world of Feng Shui. The association of a plant that was once alive and now is not was thought to bring negative energy, however, in today's modern times this is no longer the case. If your dried flowers bring you joy every time you look at them they are thought of as positive energy. Dried florals can evoke positive memories from the moments celebrated around them or the friend who gifted you your arrangement. 

What flowers make good dried flowers?

Now this is a question with a long answer, but we'll keep it short. Our favourite dried flowers are pampas grass, dried lavender, bunny tails and eucalyptus/ Each of these florals make great dried arrangements, but the list is limitless. We are always introducing new products, all of which are natural dried flowers.  

Is pampas grass toxic for dogs? Are ornamental grasses toxic for my dog or my cat?

Most ornamental grass, pampas grass included, are safe for dogs and cats. If you are worried about your pet getting into your pampas grass or ornamental grass we recommend creating tabletop arrangements that are out of reach for our furry friends.