Valentine's Day Tablescapes & Decorations

What's Valentine's Day all about? This year, like all our other holidays and birthdays, will likely mark a non-traditional Valentine's Day celebration. Restaurants in your area may or may not be open and you may or may not be able to plan your ideal evening. So why celebrate Valentine's Day in 2021? For us, we've found that finding the magic in the little things is what has got us through mentally and emotionally. Maybe you agree?

This year we are looking for moments to celebrate to help bring some joy into our homes. We think that Valentine's Day isn't exclusive to a romantic evening with you and your partner. You can look to make it a fun day with your family or a great night with your Galentines. 

This season for our Valentine's Day decoration in our home we went more neutral with pink and blush toned accents. 

valentines day tablescapes decorations bouquet 

We kept all our Valentine's day decor white except for the centrepiece and subtle pink bunny tails. We loved the simple Valentine's Day look without it being overstated or over-indexing too heavily on the red-pink-white theme that Valentine's day typically brings out.
valentines day tablescapes decorations examples
This Valentine's Day tablescape gave us all the feels. We loved how the blush tones added colour to the simple white table setting. It made the table feel like Valentine's Day decorations without exploding hearts and confetti everywhere. (Who wants to clean that up?)
valentines day tablescapes decorations pampas grass
Once the bubbly is poured it will feel like like the perfect night in. It may not have been plan A, but if there is anything this pandemic has taught us it is to level set your expectations and become more flexible on your definition of a good evening. Plan B could even be more fun! 
The bonus? This centrepiece is arranged with dried florals which means it will last for years. We have the perfect corner in our bedroom in mind to place this beautiful arrangement after we're done with the Valentine's Day theme.