Creating Your Dream Bathroom With These Bathroom Accessories

We all know the bathroom is an essential room in our home. It is a highly functional space, while also offering a place to rest and relax. If you're looking to turn your bathroom into an oasis fit for a queen read through this article to gain our top tips.

Here are our three tips on how to create your dream bathroom using your senses.

Sight - Bathroom Decor & Bathroom Organization = Relaxing Space

bathroom decor bathroom colour palette

If you want your bathroom to be a place where you can take a moment for yourself you need clean bathroom design. 

Choose a cohesive bathroom colour palette, whites, greys, light sage colours are our favourite. This will help everything feel unified which helps ease the mind. Think of spas, they all have one collective colour palette which you can look to replicate in your bathroom paint choices and bathroom accessories. 

The second key area of sight is organization. How can you relax in the tub if the counters and edges are cluttered with hair products, tooth paste, and brushes? Invest in some bathroom organization to not only help your morning routine, but keep toiletries out of sight and out of mind. You're now one step closer to a relaxing dream bathroom.

Scent - Bathroom Decor = Calmer You

dream bathroom decor dried lavender

Smell plays a huge role in helping you get that full body relax. When we think of relaxing we automatically go to lavender. If you are looking to take a deep soak in your tub or ensure your day starts of right we love to have a few small vases of lavender scattered around our bathroom.

Lavender not only makes a great aromatic companion for your bathroom decor above, but it also provides a pop of colour against your white walls. When you're preparing your bathtub for a big bath soak bring those vases over and surround your tub with the beautiful scent. Shop the lavender in the photo here.

Sound - Bath and Body Care = Zen Music

If we have taken the time to draw up a bath we want that full spa experience and sound plays a huge role in creating that ambiance. 

If all the clutter is away and the lavender aroma is strong all we are missing is some background music. Grab your favourite portable speak and search for some spa music to help you decompress after a long day. Pro tip - Apple Music has spa playlists ready for you to hit play.


Now go style your bathroom and create your place of zen and relaxation. Let us know how much you love the lavender!