How to Trim Pampas Grass and Pampas Grass Care Instructions

Pampas grass is one of everyone's favourite ornamental grasses. Whether you're going for a boho-chic design or simply love the look of these long-lasting plumes you'll find that luxe pampas grass adds something to every room it is in. 

The beauty of dried florals is they are super low-maintenance. Pampas grass requires no water and can be trimmed to fit any size of vase. The only thing this beautiful feather-y stem does need is some fluffing up.

When your pampas grass arrives it will likely be a little flat so here are the steps we follow every time we are styling our place with some pampas.

Step 1 - Fluff

Gently coax the plumes apart to create some body on your stem.

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Step 2 - Shake

Lightly shake the plumes to maximize your volume. Best done outside as there are little pieces that will fall off during this step.

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Step 3 - Hairspray

To prevent shedding we recommend lightly hair-spraying the pampas grass to keep your stems lasting longer.

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Step 4 - Trim

Pampas grass is very hardy and ranges greatly in size. Depending on your vase and style you are going for many people find they want to trim their pampas grass to fit their perfect vase. You can use household scissors or pruning sheers.

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We always recommend going longer than you think at first, as you can always go shorter, but can't grow back those few inches you chopped. (Just like your own hair.)

Measure your vase's height and trim the stems one inch at a time until you have your desired look.

And there you have it. Care instructions for pampas grass made simple.