How to create everlasting-dried flower arrangements

When I first started out I knew exactly what I wanted my house to look like in my mind's eye, but I struggled bringing it to life. I ended up with a Pinterest board of my dream house and a reality of a living room with a couch and bare coffee table.

Trust me when I say it took some practice, and I wish I'd had these tips below to help me with my interior design and selecting home decor. Dried flowers are a staple in so many interior design genres; boho-chic, bohemian, modern, minimalist and there are more. You can opt for a plug and play bouquet, but if you're looking for something in particular or want to stretch your creativity we are here to help.

Every room needs home decor accents to bring the room to life. These pieces are your way of showing of you personality in each space. Whether you're starting from scratch with a complete home renovation or looking to remake an old space, we believe that everyone has it within them to style simple and elegant dried flower arrangements. 

Here are our three easy steps for how to style dried flowers into an arrangement:

1. Pick the vase

Picking the vessel you want to style in is half the battle. Once you know whether you're arranging for a tabletop vase or a floor vase we can move into product. 

2. Product - Picking Your Base

Arrangements need two things: a base and a more detailed focal piece. Let's talk about the base, hopefully you know what style you're going for be it boho-chic, modern or minimalist. Your base dried floral should have lots of volume and bulk as this will be what creates fullness in your vase.

If you are looking to find a good base for any interior decor style we recommend pampas grass. They come in a variety of colours and have long stems so you can always trim them down to meet any height to suit your vase. 

 how to style your dried florals pampas grass

For this base I went with three white pampas grass stems and one beige pampas grass stem. The four stems created the fullness I was after for this tall vase and the single beige added some dimension to the personality. 

You could even end here if you're going for an ultra minimalist look.


3. Product - Picking Your Details

Details add texture and dimension to your arrangement. The key here is to pick something that compliments your colour palette and is a different enough of a flower from your original base. 

Here are our recommendations for your details:

how to style your dried florals cotton stem

Cotton stems are very boho-chic and bohemian. Their colour pops against the pampas grass and creates great contrast. 

how to style your dried florals dried lavender

Dried Lavender adds their own whimsical look against the pampas. The purple and cream tones will go with any room and add an amazing smell to the space.

how to style your dried florals eucalyptus

Eucalyptus, preserved eucalyptus, creates a modern look here. A more muted colour palette with the basil green against the creams of the pampas grass will look amazing in any neutral interior decor theme.

Once you know your base and details it is smooth sailing from here. All you need to do to complete your dried floral arrangement is combine the two. Place your base towards the back of your vase and the detailed product in the front. You may want to play around with blending each product so create a unified look.