5 Habits for Slow Living

What does slow living look like? Slow living can mean many things depending on the individual. At its core slow living is a lifestyle, it is a mantra that helps you live with intention and focus on the most impactful activities. It helps you hone in on what's important and remove all the clutter.

So what is slow living? How do I live a slow life? How do you practice slow living? We have select 5 habits that are easy to integrate into your life to begin practicing slow-living.

1 - Boundaries, Saying No

If you want to live your life with intention and ensure you aren't sprinting from one event to another you need to have firm boundaries. Slow living is very much about establishing what you will and won't dedicate your efforts and time to. There are only so many hours in a day and slow living encourages you to identify what is important and what can be deprioritized. If you loving reading, that is what is important and slow living allows you to give yourself permission to say no to that family zoom and dive into the final chapters of your book.

Write a list of your favourite things to do a try to schedule time this week to do them.

2 - Appreciate Nature

Spending time in nature can be very grounding and good for your health. Living slow involves appreciating nature and taking time to be present in our surroundings.

slow living habits - get outside in nature, photo of a dog overlooking a forest

Try going on daily walks, tucking the cellphone away on silent, and taking in the trees. Do you notice a difference in how you're feeling?

3 - Purchase With Intent

Practicing slow living is easiest applied to how we consume goods. This habit may be the simplest one to begin as the principles are becoming more popular in our world. Slow fashion and slow home decor was a trend we saw spike in 2020 and only predict it will continue to rise. Slow living, applied to the goods we purchase, simply means making your decisions with intent. Looking for products that will last for years versus weeks and are made out of materials that are more natural in nature so when we do say goodbye to them they don't end up in a landfill. 

plastic-free packaging in sustainable materials using cardboard and kraft paper tape

We practice slow living in our own consumption and in how we produce our products. All our products are sustainable and packaged in plastic-free materials making your habit of slow home decor an easy one to keep.

4 - Try Going Hygge

You can't discuss slow living without stepping into the Danish world of hygge. Hygge has been defined as a feeling of coziness and contentment. In slow living try adapting a habit of looking for moments that provide you hygge. What brings you peace of mind and simple contentment? And how can you get more of that?

slow living habits practicing hygge

Hygge embodies all of the habits we've listed here, but don't feel overwhelmed trying to implement them all at once. Choose one thing that brings you joy, perhaps it is cozying up under a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea to your favourite movie. Allow yourself to be fully engulfed in that moment and relax into it.

5 - Declutter

If our lives are chaotic and fast-paced chances are our home represents that mentality. If you're looking to begin slow living we recommend some decluttering. Take it one small project at a time and organize and donate items you no longer need. Start with one drawer or small space and give yourself a time to complete it. After you're done, how do you feel? Do you already feel a little less scattered and a little more centred?

slow living habit declutter, organized bookshelf with bunny tails

If you're looking to practice slow living so much of it comes down to living more decisively. If you're able to say no and set aside time for your priorities you'll soon find you have the time to do what you want. Maybe what you want it to take the dog for longer walks and by doing that you're not only setting boundaries to do so but also stepping out into nature, two habits in one activity! 

One of the easiest habits to channel in slow living is how you make your decisions. If consuming less plastic is important to you the number of options available for purchase just got halved. Find a value and apply it consciously to what you buy.

Take your time, enjoy the good things in life and enjoy them at a slow pace. Some days will be hectic, but it is how we recover from those days that make all the difference. 

- The Homey Touch Team